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UPS Monitoring software, that will monitor any SNMP compliant device proactively and any device capable of sending alert emails reactively.

Key features:

  • RFC1628, SNMP v2 compliant.
  • Constantly checks status of devices at a given interval (system default is ten minutes, but this can be changed on a per UPS or UPS group/company basis).
  • SNMP trapping for instant response to alerts.
  • Email trapping for UPS software that can only send emails.
  • Sophisticated rules to determine when an email alert is sent out to a contact for a UPS.
  • Each UPS can have a different contact to receive alerts, either UPS specific, company specific, or by group.
  • Full details of the UPS are sent with the alert, including UPS location and contact details of anyone needed to access that UPS.
  • Runs natively as a service on Windows XP or better (Windows 2003 server recommended).
  • Logs every event received by email or SNMP trap, and logs any warning events found by SNMP polling.
  • Reports can be created per UPS, per company, or per group.

More information will be available soon - the software is in the final stages of development.

Licensing is per UPS monitored, bulk licensing available:

Licences (1 per UPS device)
Price Price per device
1 £50 £50.00
5 £220 £44.00
25 £715 £28.60
50 £1045 £20.90


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