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MCSA LogoI provide network and computer support to companies and home users, from single computers to large disparate networks of several hundred computers.

Microsoft Certified, I have the expertise and experience to rapidly solve most problems, or at a minimum isolate the cause. Whether it is a problem on a single computer or a major issue affecting the whole network (caused by either network hardware or server failure), I can diagnose and repair quickly and efficiently.

While usually working by myself, I am perfectly happy to work as part of a team. I am the last line of technical support for many large network installations - some of which have in-house technicians on-site permanently.

Services Offered

  • Web-design/programming: I can create/update websites according to your needs, from simple sites to e-commerce interactive sites.  My focus is programming more than design, and I can use any web technology required to implement a solution (PHP, ASP, .NET, Java, Javascript, SOAP, and more).
  • Programming: I offer programming services in VB, VB.Net, PHP, Java, Javascript.  For Win32 programming my specialisation is VB and VB.Net, and I am very familiar with many APIs including Win32, MAPI.
  • Support: Network or standalone system support.  Any system/network running any flavour of Windows (or other operating systems).  I am not limited to supporting the computers, I can also offer full support/advice for infrastructure and many hardware devices.


For rates please contact me.  Business rates are charged in half daily increments, and discounts are available with a support contract.

Home support is charged by the hour, with a minimum one hour charge.  Home support is only undertaken within a limited area (southern Hampshire).

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