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This script will go through the entire folder structure from the top level folder given, and delete any folders that match the given folder name (which can include wildcards, e.g. "temp*" ). Due to the destructive nature of the script, the examp ...

This script goes through all local profiles and deletes temporary files (including temporary internet files).

It deletes files from the Local Settings/Temp folder, Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files, and Windows/Temp (assuming Window ...

The attached script uses WMI to disable System Restore on Windows XP (it may work on Vista, but I haven't tried it).

The main function is DisableSystemRestore, and can be called with a computer name (or "." for the local computer) by its ...


This WMI VBScript obtains and displays basic system information about the system.  Information includes hard disk free space (both in Mb and as a percentage of the total drive space), CPU load (at the time the script is run), total physical memory ...

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