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v1.0.0 BETA 15


This is the first release of a Joomla packaging of the new CKEditor (v3.3).  The new CKEditor replaces FCKEditor, and is an improvement on an already great WYSIWYG HTML editor.  Entirely Javascript driven, it is fast and clean.

The only downside of CKEditor is the removal of the Browse Server options (for uploading images, etc.).  This has been moved to CKFinder - which is neither Open Source, nor free.  I am currently implementing an alternative to CKFinder, and the first beta of this will be available shortly too.  It integrates with CKEditor, and puts the image upload facility back - and open-source.

Feel free to download and try this plugin.  It works, but the configuration needs some work (currently only skins and the toolbar style are configurable - the other options aren't implemented, and some may be added and/or removed).

BETA 15 Info

This version solely updates CKEditor to the latest (3.3, released 28th May 2010).

Image upload is working, folders can be created, and the icon set has been changed to use the Tango Icon Library.  Images can now be edited from the browser (basic editing features are resizing, cropping, rotating, and various image filters). The Joomla extended buttons (Read More, Image, Page Break) are now available - this means that you can insert images using the standard Joomla image picker.

This release has been extensively tested on both Windows and Linux servers, and I think most of the issues have been ironed out.

Known issues with Beta 15

  • No delete folder option (ceditFinder).
  • The new image editor has not been security tested - it is very likely that it is insecure (the AJAX methods do not have authentication, so could probably be hacked), so do not use this version on a live site.

PLEASE provide feedback, requests, bug reports in the forum THIS IS BETA SOFTWARE.  Please do not vote or review it until it reaches first release - beta software means it is not ready for release, and may contain bugs.

Requests and feedback are warmly welcomed for this plugin to speed its development to first release.

Downloads are only available to registered users. Registration is free (though some content also requires a subscription). Register here

Some scripts are only available as a download.

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