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Version 2 is now complete and available to subscribers. It offers extra functionality including Kunena forum spam protection and language support.

For an overview of all the new features and changes, click here.

Note that version 2 requires a paid subscription to access.  Version 1, available FREE from this page, is available to all registered users (registration is free).

V1.3.3 - Registration Validator
The last v1 release (no further features will be added).  Download link is at the bottom of the page.

Requirements: PHP 5.1, cURL

If you use this plugin, please vote for it at the Joomla!® Extensions Directory. This is the best way (besides donations!) of saying thank-you.

This site always uses the latest release version of Registration Validator, with all options enabled. Feel free to try registering with a disposable email address to test, or test the site contact form (disposable email addresses or submissions containing links will be rejected).

If you have a problem, please post in the forums first before leaving a bad vote or review. Most problems have been down to integration with other third party components (which I cannot possibly test until someone lets me know which other component causes the issue), or unrelated issues (e.g. website or internet problems!).  Please also note the system requirements listed above.

These features are provided by the plugin:

  • Domains and subdomain blocking. To block an entire domain (including subdomains), precede the domain with a full stop (e.g. ".cedit.biz"). Any entries without a leading full stop (period) are treated as specific (i.e. only that domain and none of its subdomains are blocked) .
  • Username blocking. You can prevent users from choosing particular usernames.
  • IP blocking. You can block single IPs or IP ranges. You can replace part of the IP with * to match any similar IP (e.g. 192.168.*.* will match,, and any others beginning 192.168)
  • Botscout integration. The IP and email address will be checked against BotScout's database, and if found the registration is blocked. My thanks to JDaniels for providing the code for this.
  • Undisposable.net integration. The email address is checked against undisposable's database, and if determined to be disposable the registration is blocked.
  • StopForumSpam integration. Email and IP address checked against StopForumSpam database.
  • Spamhaus integration. IP address is checked against SBL and XBL list at Spamhaus.
  • DNS check. The domain of the email address is tested for valid DNS entry. If the domain isn't found in DNS, the registration is blocked.

Tested and working with standard Joomla registration, Community Builder (tested against 1.2), Virtuemart, AjaxRegistration, JomSocial, and CBE. All options can be enabled/disabled as needed, but are enabled by default.

This plug-in is released under GPL (version 3).

Any questions or suggestions can be asked/given in the forum.


cURL is required for Registration Validator to work. If your server is not configured with cURL (a PHP module), then Registration Validator will not work. If you also have error reporting disabled (which it should be on production sites), then you will end up on a blank screen during registration. If you haven't got cURL installed, do not use Registration Validator.

Once installed, you must ensure that Registration Validator is the highest priority plugin (this can be changed from Extensions... Plugins). This is particularly important for JomSocial, as if the JomSocial system plugin (Azrul System Mambot)has a higher priority than Registration Validator, then RV will not work at all (it will be bypassed).


The logfile shows email addresses and IP addresses. Please ensure that you create this log in a protected directory on your server. This is to protect the privacy of your users.



  • Fixed incorrect parameter which prevented undisposable check from being turned off.


  • Fixed logging issue (generating lots of "Registration Validator Start" logs).


  • Fixed issue with Spamhaus check that could produce false positives depending upon the originating IP address.


  • Fixed Virtuemart issue whereby a registered user may be preventing from completing billing information.


  • Fixed bug whereby if StopForumSpam Reject if only IP AND email match was enabled, all registrations would be rejected (by default RV is not configured this way).


  • Fixed issue if an invalid log file was entered, then registration could break (depending upon PHP error settings).


  • BUGFIX: due to the multi-add update in 1.2.1, the list parameter saving was broken. This is now resolved.


  • BUGFIX: the validate DNS domain was rejecting some mail domains that would be valid (but there was no domain there). This version replaces the DNS check with an MX check, so that any email address with valid MX records (i.e. can receive email) will be accepted, others rejected.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This will only work on Linux systems or later versions of PHP. The check will be bypassed if unavailable.


  • Fixed StopForumSpam check - it was only checking email, not IP address.
  • Fixed invalid email domain check - this check was not working properly, and all domains were being passed whether valid or not.


  • Optimised logging to prevent multiple fopens.
  • Added extra timeout check for HTTP requests (the timeout now applied to connection and request).
  • Updated Undisposable check as wasn't checking properly for error being returned from request (though this shouldn't have caused any issues, as the second check would have caught the lack of data).


  • Added configurable HTTP timeout parameter.
  • Added LogFile parameter. If a logfile is specified (relative to site root), then data is logged to that file.
  • Updated IP function so as not to create notices if server configured to display PHP notices.


  • Added JomSocial support.
  • Added option for a Javascript alert to be displayed when registration is blocked (useful with components that don't show a reason when redirected back to registration screen).
  • Added facility to add several usernames/IPs/email addresses to the list at once - simply paste a comma separated list into the Add textbox, click Add, and all the entries will be added accordingly.


  • Added five second timeout for HTTP requests (e.g. Botscout, StopForumSpam) - if sites are not responding, registration will continue as normal (assuming other checks are valid).
  • Added several new disposable domains.


  • Modified function used to retrieve StopForumSpam and BotScout results to ensure it passes registration if lookup fails (depending upon the failure, it may have prevented registrations).
  • Added IP check against sbl.spamhaus.org and xbl.spamhaus.org.
  • Added new disposable domain.


  • Added additional check against www.stopforumspam.com.


  • BUGFIX: fixed issue with AjaxRegistration (causing invalid/continuous redirects).


  • Added new contact form validation: can be set to reject any contact form submission that contains a URL.
  • Rewrote the registration checking code to be specific when checking whether a registration submission is taking place.


  • Added AjaxRegistration support.


  • Added extra check for contact forms (I received some spam contact form submissions!). I will be extending this feature in the future with additional anti-spam protection.
  • Added separate redirect URL for rejected contact form submissions.


  • Added support for CBE (thanks to Jan-Hedrik Piatkowski).


  • Added DNS check of email domain.


  • Add new domains to internal list.
  • Implemented protection for Contact forms. If enabled, all parameters except username are also validated for Contact forms (prevents bot submissions, banned users, etc.).


  • Added subdomain blocking.
  • Added IP blocking.
  • Added username blocking.
  • Incorporated BotScout validation.
  • Changed name to "Registration Validator", as it does much more than simply block disposable email addresses now.
  • BUGFIX: Fixed issue that prevented plugin working with some SEF configured sites (thanks to JDaniels).


  • BUGFIX: When adding a domain, the bottom one of the list was being lost.


  • BUGFIX: Fixed bug whereby if you click Apply, then Save, the settings are lost.


  • Added support for Virtuemart registration.
  • Added some more domains to internal list.


  • Several new domains added.
  • Polished code for list editor. It now checks if an item is already in the list, and clears the text box once an item has been added.


  • A couple more disposable domains added.
  • Domain list is now sorted alphabetically - it makes it easier to see if a domain is already listed.


  • BUGFIX: It appears that if the domain list was not modified, the default value wasn't used. This meant that the internal list of disposable domains was not used. This is now fixed.


  • Now includes editable list of domains to be blocked. This list is prepopulated with many disposable domains, though you can add to this list as you like (doesn't matter if domains are disposable or not).


  • Now correctly labelled as a system plugin.
  • Before querying undisposable.net, the plugin checks its own internal list of disposable domains. If the address passes that check, the undisposable check is still carried out.


The Joomla!® name is used under a limited license from Open Source Matters in the United States and other countries.  CEDIT is not affiliated with or endorsed by Open Source Matters or the Joomla! Project.

Downloads are only available to registered users. Registration is free (though some content also requires a subscription). Register here

Some scripts are only available as a download.

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