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Detailed here is the changelog for Registration Validator 2, and features that will be implemented in future version.

Current version: 2.1.4
Development version: 2.1.5 (all features listed under this version have already been implemented and will be available in the next release)

If you need some of the features in the development version, please contact me - I can send the latest version to any subscriber on request.  Development versions may change before full release (usually to have more features/support included).

Joomla 1.6

RV is available as a native plugin for Joomla 1.6 (since RV2.1.4).


2.0.0 - Initial release


  • Linksleeve integration to protect against forum spam.
  • Kunena support (checks messages against Linksleeve and rejects spam postings).
  • Adds case insensitive whitelist support (bugfix).


  • Added Akismet support to forum spam check
  • Fixed parameter issue (Spamhaus check couldn't be disabled)


  • Updates to replace deprecated function calls.
  • Option to automatically block user account of user found posting spam message.
  • Several new temporary email domains added to internal blocklist.
  • Send email to specified address when account blocked due to spam posting.
  • Dutch language added.
  • IP CIDR notation support (you can use CIDR notation in the IP blocklist).
  • Delete archived log files once emailed.
  • Changed the default for the lookup to off, as according to my logs their service has not been working for months.
  • Modified plugin parameters page in backend such that it fits better for screen resolution 1024x768 (this is the minimum required screen resolution).
  • TPLancers support (needs modification of TPLancers component, details can be provided on request).


  • Added support for AcyMailing component (guest newletter sign-up).


  • Fixed issue with Virtuemart that prevented an already registered user from entering billing information and placing an order.


  • Project Honeypot integration.
  • Implemented cache in logfile class so that registrations occurring at the same time do not get mixed up in the log file.
  • German translation added.
  • Added option to obfuscate IP addresses in log file (first and last octets removed).
  • Added option to obfuscate email addresses in log file (only domain portion of address logged).
  • Tidied plugin parameters, splitting into standard and advanced groups.


  • Russian translation added.
  • Two disposable domains added.
  • Fixed issue whereby detected spam postings weren't logged (though notification emails were processed correctly).
  • Fixed issue that caused RV to block postings if Linksleeve returned an error.


  • Added protection for Virtuemart Ask a Question (requires Contact Form protection to be enabled in plugin parameters).
  • Added support for Contact Enhanced (also requires Contact Form protection to be enabled).
  • Added support for DT Register.
  • Amended log file parameters such that preceding and trailing slashes are not required in the path.  These are added as needed, and the separator used is dependent upon the system (e.g. Windows or Linux).


  • Added support for RS Forms Pro.  Forms are treated as contact forms, and if they contain a field containing "Email", they will be put through the selected antispam measures.


  • Username blocking fixed.


  • Chronoforms support added (requires contact form protection to be enabled, and will validate any fields named Email).
  • Retain field values (except for email) when Chronoform validation failed.
  • Joomla 1.6 support (note that this is a separate download due to the changes in Joomla 1.6).
  • Sobi2 support added.


  • Sobi2 support extended to include Sobi contact forms.
  • Error in editlist parameter fixed (no language loaded if current locale not found, now defaults correctly to English)
  • Redesigned plugin to include functions allowing it's blocking features to be called from other components/modules.
  • Added support for AJAX Contact.
  • Added support for AJAX Recommend.
  • Czech translation added.
  • Added support for D-Mack Recommend Friends component.
  • Fixed IP blocking issue (wasn't blocking IP addresses not entered using CIDR).
  • Changed StopForumSpam IP lookup to DNS lookup (supports more than 5000 requests per day).


  • Added support for RedShop.
  • Added email blocklist (with wildcards) to allow the blocking of particular email addresses (or types of address).  Note that where possible, domain blocking should be used as it is a more efficient check.
  • Added support for Mighty Registration.
  • Added French translation.
  • Added support for Alpha Registration.
  • Added Italian translation.


  • Added support for Kunena 1.6.
  • Added support for Agora forum component.
  • Changed logfile error handling so that any errors in creating/accessing the log-file are only shown in the admin interface as a Joomla error (rather than being written directly to output).
  • Added support for ALFContact.
  • Fixed some Italian translation issues.  The translation has been reported as not very good, hopefully this will be resolved soon.
  • Rewrote all the language files for compliance with Joomla 1.6.  Some translations are missing from some language files (where options weren't available at time of translation) - these default to English but will be replaced once the translations have been provided.
  • Added Brazilian-Portuguese (pt-BR) translation.
  • Fixed ru-RU (it wasn't included in plugin description file, so wouldn't have worked).

Future versions (in order of priority)

  • Export/import settings.
    This will allow you to export all settings from RV to be imported into another site.
  • Import settings from Registration Validator 1.
    This will allow you to import the settings from RV1 on install.
    This feature will now not be added.
  • Log file access from Joomla backend.  You will be able to access the log files and their archives directly from the plugin parameters page.
  • IP whitelist.
  • Option to block IP addresses from accessing the site at all (complete block).
  • Caching.  Many bots will try to register several times in quick succession.  Caching will be implemented which will ensure that repeat bot attempts to register will be blocked immediately without having to refer to external sites again.

Downloads are only available to registered users. Registration is free (though some content also requires a subscription). Register here

Some scripts are only available as a download.

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