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Joomla 2.5 Support

I have now updated RV with native Joomla 2.5 support, but minimal support for third-party components (as yet).  The 2.5 version will be available as soon as this site is migrated completely to J2.5, which is in progress.  Estimated availability is middle of June 2012.  If you need a 2.5 version sooner, then I can send it to subscribers if you contact me (please include your site username).  Note that it hasn't been tested beyond core Joomla support, and while it is stable and in use on my dev site, there may be unforeseen issues (but these will be addressed if you encounter any and send me details).

It's been a busy year for me, and I apologize that the development of RV has fallen far behind the development of Joomla.  Please note that it is still supported and under active development, though any queries are best directed straight to me via email as until the 2.5 version is released I will not have time to catch up with the forum queries.


Latest version 2.1.4
Currently included languages: English, Dutch, German, Russian, Czech, Italian, French.

Prevent bots and spammers from registering on your Joomla! site, without needing captcha.  Protect your contact forms and Kunena forum from spam postings. Works with all popular components.

This is version 2 of the popular Registration Validator plugin for Joomla 1.5 (and above). Version 2 requires PHP 5.1 or later and cURL. It won't run on earlier versions of PHP.

Please note that it is not compatible with version 1.  It is a complete rewrite - while many of the parameters are the same, the implementation is completely different.  If you have customised your version 1 installation, you will need to extract the changes you made to v1 and reapply them to v2.  Version 2 can be installed at the same time as version 1 (to enable you to copy settings over), but ensure that only one plugin is enabled.  Once version 2 is configured and enabled, version 1 should be uninstalled.

This release and all future releases are only available on subscription.  Subscription to the Registration Validator 2 pages (which include documentation and support as well as download) is £14.99 annually.  To purchase a subscription, use the Buy Now button below (which is only displayed when you are logged in). Once confirmation of Paypal cleared payment is received, your account will be updated with the subscription - this process is automated and should complete within a few minutes.  In the event of any issues, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Important: you must be logged in to purchase subscriptions - the purchased subscription is then added to the account you are logged in with.

The subscription price for one year is £14.95 (GBP).


Please login to purchase subscription.


Version 2 includes these enhancements:

  • Whitelist.  You can limit registrations to specific domains - any attempts from domains not on the whitelist will be rejected.
  • Kunena support.  Akismet and Linksleeve can be used to protect Kunena from spam postings.
  • Internationalisation.  Registration Validator now fully supports language files, though currently only English (GB) is implemented.  If you can offer a translation in your language (and one hasn't already been added or is pending), please get in contact and I will send you the files containing the translation strings.  Once I have received the translated strings and verified them (as much as I am able!), you will be given a free subscription to the Registration Validator 2 pages (including, of course, download).
    Currently pending translations are: French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese.
    Languages available in the latest version: English, Dutch, German, Russian, Czech.
  • Detailed block reason.  The user can now be informed of the specific reason for the block (including a link to check, if applicable).  Additionally, if you use the redirect option, you can embed in your article to show the block reason within it.
  • Full logging.  The log file is fully configurable, and includes settings to rotate either daily, weekly, or monthly.  Also the level of logging is configurable, from just rejections to full (debug) logging showing exactly what is happening.
  • Email reports.  The log file can optionally be emailed at the time it is archived (e.g. midnight daily or weekly).
  • Improved performance.  In tests, version 1 takes (on average) a few seconds to validate registrations.  Version 2 normally completes within a second, which is a huge improvement.  Obviously this discounts timeouts in the event validation sites are unavailable - this will affect both versions.


There are some guides available that help with the installation and configuration of Registration Validator 2.  There is also a roadmap for future functions. To access the guides, you need a valid subscription.

Configuration Options

Downloads are only available to registered users. Registration is free (though some content also requires a subscription). Register here

Some scripts are only available as a download.

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