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Joomla Extensions
  • Registration Validator 2

    Version 2 of the popular plugin to block spam and bot registrations from your Joomla! site without needing Captcha.

  • Add Article Footer

    Add footers to articles on your Joomla! site.  A different footer can be used for registered users and guests, and they can be blocked from sections/categories/articles as needed.

  • DJBAdsense

    Simple Google Adsense module for Joomla!  Very simple to configure by adding your Google code, and you can also block your own IP address(es) from seeing the adverts (which means you can't inadvertently click on them and break your Adsense agreement).

  • ceditXSiteLinks

    XSiteLinks module for Joomla! 1.5

  • Paypal Donate

    A simple Paypal Donate module for Joomla!  Simply configure the plugin parameters with your Paypal details and the currency you wish to work in.

  • ceditCKEditor

    A Joomla! wrapping for the popular CKEditor.  Also includes image upload, something that has disappeared from this latest version of CKEditor.

  • Registration Validator

    Block bots and spammers from registering on your Joomla! site without needing captcha.

  • UserAuth

    This is a subscriptions component incorporating a download manager (for adding downloads to articles).  You can make sections of the site available to subscribers only, and articles and downloads within the section will be available only to subscribed users.

  • Example System Plugin - Joomla 1.6

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