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Current release: 1.0.0 BETA 14
Development release: 1.0.0 BETA 15

Beta 14

  • Reworked most of ceditFinder so that it can easily be moved into another system (just needs updated _auth.php file depending upon the CMS).
  • Removed all DS references, as these were causing issues.  Windows accepts forward slash as a directory separator, so all paths now use this.

Beta 12

  • Moved thumbnail cache to subfolder of plugin directory.
  • Moved all configuration parameters into config array so that ceditFinder is more easily portable.
  • Added delete confirmation (and parameter to enable or disable).
  • Added thumbnail size selection parameters.

Beta 11

  • Enabled the Joomla extended editing buttons.

Beta 10

  • Fixed issue where selecting an image was passing the wrong URL back to CKEditor.

Beta 9

  • Incorporated ImageEditor so that images can be edited (some basic transforms, and resize/crop options currently).
  • Fixed language file so parameters are now correctly shown and described (mainly!)

Beta 8

  • Completely reworked folder view/list code to address issue that prevented image browser from working if Joomla not installed in server root.
  • Fixed a couple of (fairly major) security issues for image browsing, where a user could access folders outside the specified image folder.

Beta 7

  • Fixed issue where image browser wouldn't work if Joomla installed in subfolder.
  • Fixed issue where the folder tree wouldn't show scrollbar even if there are too many folders to display.
  • Fixed issue so that Create Folder is shown when a folder doesn't contain any images.

Beta 6

  • Fixed image upload in ceditFinder.
  • Added Create Folder in ceditFinder.
  • Fixed delete image in ceditFinder.
  • Changed tooltips to give image name in ceditFinder.
  • Updated the UI of ceditFinder, including moving the edit/delete buttons, updating the icons to use Tango Icon Library.
  • Removed CSS import to fix problem with CKEditor not showing when editing in Joomla front-end.

Beta 5

  • Changed script addition to use Joomla API properly.
  • Fixed bug in plugin constructor.

Beta 4

  • Enabled ceditFinder functionality in both front and back end.
  • Implemented (or removed) all parameters.

Beta 3

  • Enabled toolbar, language parameters.
  • Updated to CKEditor 3.0.2 (latest available release)

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