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This plugin (Joomla 1.5 Native) allows you to add a footer to the bottom of every article.  You can specify a different footer for logged in users and guests. You can use HTML in the footer as needed.

As an example of how it works, it is used on this site to add the "Downloads only available to registered users" message at the bottom of the page (which disappears when you are logged in).

I wrote the plugin as the only way I found of doing this otherwise is to use Rereplacer - an excellent plugin, but overkill for my needs and wouldn't distinguish between a logged in user and guest.

Any suggestions/bugs/comments in the forum, please!



  • The footer editing areas are now larger.
  • You can now exclude the footer per category.  Simply select the category(ies) from the list and the footer will not be displayed for articles in that category.
  • Exclude by article number.  Simply enter a comma delimited list of article numbers and the footer will not be applied to them.


  • You can now select to only have the footer displayed in article view.  This prevents it being displayed beneath each article in blog or category views.


  • BUGFIX: solved problem whereby if you click Apply then Save when amending category exclusion the categories selected would be cleared.

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